Monday, November 24, 2008

Yeehhaa: NVIDIA GT200 rocks

An exemplar of the new NVIDIA Series GT200 based GTX280 Graphics card arrived at our Computing Center last Friday . The card was installed and set up right away and the first benchmark ran on Saturday 22nd of November and finished today.

Some preliminary figures show the great improvement of this new generation as I expected from the data sheets. Soon I will post some verified results here and some about the changes from the G80 generation to the current GT200 chip.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Running MPI Jobs on Windows CCS

In order to run only one MPI process per allocated node on the Windows CCS Cluster, you have to tweak the system variable set by the scheduler. For each allocated processor the system variable (CCP_NODES) contains the associated hostname once.
As a consequence, four MPI processes are started.

In order to remove the redundant hostnames you call your program the following way from inside the scheduler:
mpiexec.exe -hosts %CCP_NODES: 4= 1%

%CCP_NODES: 4= 1% removes three out of four lines, which reduces each hostname down to one occurence, as the same hostnames are always consecutive.