Sunday, July 5, 2020

Raspi Temperaturmessung DS18B20 mit OWFS und Iobroker

I've looked through some tutorials. 
My Goal was to directly attach Ds18b20 Sensors to GPIO4 and to read via a mount Point into IOBroker.

First of all, do the Setup were you enable correct Interpretation on Raspi:
modprobe w1-gpio pullup=1
modprobe w1-therm

if all works well you make these Settings permanent by putting it into 
(old kernel versions)
# /etc/modules
w1-gpio pullup=1
The same functionality should be achievable by putting the following in /boot/config.txt or better (ubuntu) /boot/Firmware/usercfg.txt dtoverlay=w1-gpio,gpioin=4,pullup=on
I suggest doing this in the end, if eventually everythin works

Install owfs and owserver:
sudo apt install owfs owserver

You should see the page on <Ip>:2121
If you enable the line with Server: fake in the /etc/owfs.conf file you should see fake sensors  on the webpage

Next Thing is wiring of the sensors. I'm not an expert. The following works for me:
Wire 4,7kOhm Resistor between 3,3 V VCC of Pi an GPIO4 Data Port
Wire VCC or + or red to 3,3V of the pi
Wire Gnd or - to Gnd on Pi
Wire Data to Pin 4 of Pi 

If you query dmesg you should see something like:
[  +0.024838] w1_master_driver w1_bus_master1: Attaching one wire slave 28.01193a3da276 crc e5
[  +0.007224] w1_master_driver w1_bus_master1: Family 28 for 28.01193a3da276.e5 is not registered.

install Iobroker Adapter owfs


High Speed USB @ Raspi4

Never heard of USAP but it seems interesting as ist faster an saves power from the first impression