Monday, September 1, 2008

PRACE Petascale Summer School

PRACE Summer School website

Taking place this week (25th to 29th of August) in Stockholm, Sweden, the Prace Summer School tries to evaluate the needs of the current academic HPC user community. The general aim is to get benchmarks and metrics for future petascale systems.

Current surveys show, that only a small portion of the overall leading HPC systems are used with large massive parallel jobs. A great deal stays under 10% of one supercomputers resources, not utilizing the parallel abilities of such a machine.

On the other side, profound knowledge is needed to implement common algorithms to scale accros 64 to 128 nodes towards 1K or even more nodes. Therefore a lot of stress is put on techniques and hands-on sessions to teach more knowledge about that topic.

Summed up it was a great event to get additional skills and training and as well as to get to know the different kinds of algorithms and user expectations in HPC.

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