Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Distributed Revision System Mercurial

Converting CVS to HG

To get hand on knowledge on the distributed revision systems like Mercurial,
just export one of your CVS Reps to a test HG Rep. Important for any repository, the history should stay intact (and hopefully will)!

A more complete guide can be found here:

Generate the repository folder and enter:
mkdir -p /path/to/hg/repo
cd /path/to/hg/repo

Generate the config file:

tailor -v --source-kind cvs --target-kind hg --repository /path/to/CVS/REP --module YourModuleName -r INITIAL >Config.tailor

for SSH access to the repository change /path/to/CVS/REP to :

Change configfile to your needs
vi Config.tailor

Now you will at least need to change subdir from . to MODULENAME, and remove /MODULENAME from root-directory in the MODULENAME.tailor file (if it is really there).

Add the line:

patch-name-format =

Generate Mercurial project

tailor --configfile MODULENAME.tailor

Cloning repositories with ssh

To clone the repository, ssh can be used easily.
Just type the following hg clone ssh://yourlogin@yourhost/
or insert ssh://yourlogin@yourhost// in your client program as the source path.

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