Monday, December 8, 2008

Fast Network, Fast disconnects (Linksys WRT610N )

Fast Network, Fast disconnects (Linksys WRT610N )
Looking forward to fast streaming HD Media over my new wireless router (WRT610N) I got into serious trouble on having a stable connection at all.

Having my network set up for WPA2 and TKIP for compatibility reasons, I got random disconnects of the whole 5 GHz band, while 2.4 GHz performed flawlessly. Searching the internet I stumbled across some serious accusations, that the WRT610N is a flawed design and overheats a lot.
Whether this is right or not I cannot say for sure, however I expected much more from Linksys and a home premium line product.

Searching a little more I came across another users experience that a change from the TKIP encryption to AES solved the problem of occuring disconnects.

And voila the problems seems to be solved.

So for everyone who can live with an AES only encryption on the 5 GHz 11N band and TKIP or AES on the 2.4 GHz 11g band the router is a perfect catch in both performance and appearance.

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