Thursday, December 9, 2010

Win2008 HPC Server and CUDA TCC revisited

The release of the stable NVIDIA Driver 260.83 broke my Windows CUDA programming environment.
With the currently newst driver, 263.06, I gave it another shoot. Initially the CUDASDK sample programs did not recognize the GPU as CUDA capable and there was just some babbling about DRIVER and TK mismatch.
However this time searching the web got me to an IBM webpage which got a solution for their servers running Windows 2008 R2.
I tried this in Win2008 and it works like charm:

  • Enter the registry edit utility typing regedit in the run dialog and navigate to:


  • You will find subfolders named 0001 0002 aso. depending on the number of GPUs in your system.

  • For each card you want to enable CUDA go to that 000X directory and add the following reg key (32bit dword worked for me):


If you access the system via RDP read my blog entry on Using nvidia-smi for TCC on how to set this up!

Source of this information is IBM and can be found here for further reference and even more details: IBM Support Site

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