Saturday, September 1, 2012

Latex: Okular not showing figures in DVI file on Windows

If Okular does not show you the embedded EPS files of your compiled latex document it might be, that ghostscript is missing or is not found.
Install ghostscript (simple google search) and add <ghostscriptinstallpath>/bin to your system or user path.

Next time you open Okular it should display your images within DVI


  1. Hi, I do have the problem and thanks for your solution. But how to add /bin to my system or user path of kile? I failded to figure it out.


    1. Hi. In the described case, the problem occurs in Windows OS. For Win XP you do the following:
      Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
      Click the Advanced tab.
      Click Environment variables.
      Click one the following options, for either a user or a system variable:
      Click New to add a new variable name and value.
      Click an existing variable, and then click Edit to change its name or value.
      Click an existing variable, and then click Delete to remove it.

      Simply google for alternative Windows Versions.