Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cuda Machines @ RRZE

This information will not be updated any more. Please visit our official page as we provide GPU computing now as a cluster ressource:

RRZE HPC Services

Currently the available CUDA test systems @ RRZE are:

lightning: (available with upgraded hardware)
Ubuntu 8.04 x86_64
2x Quadcore Intel Clovertown (2,33 GHz), 4 MB L2 pro 2 Cores,
GeForce 8800 Ultra (768 MB) (G80 core)
Cuda Driver Version: 180.22
Cuda Toolkit: 2.0

f22: (Last Update 29.09.09)
Ubuntu 8.04 x86_64
2x Quadcore Intel Xeon L5420 (2.5 GHz)
GeForce GTX 280 SC (1 GB) (GT200 Core)
Current: Cuda Driver Version: 190.29(Cuda2.3) --> with OpenCL Support!
Before: Cuda Driver Version: 190.16 (Cuda2.3)
Cuda Toolkit: 2.3

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