Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cuda Tutorial @ RRZE

Currently we have two test systems running different GPUs from NVIDIA inside the testcluster environment.

  • Please apply for a HPC account at RRZE (ask your local administrator) .

  • You get access to one of the machines by issuing either a job script or by requesting an interactive shell, e.g.:

  • qsub -I -lnodes=f22:ppn=8,walltime=01:00:00
  • Note, that interactive sessions are limited to one hour, but it is the recommended way to try things out in the beginning

  • The module system now supplies you with various versions of compilers and CUDA Versions, e.g.

  • module load cuda/2.2 will give you Cuda Version 2.2 64bit
  • Next thing you wanna try is compiling the SDK examples.

    • Therefore, download the SDK matching the CUDA version you want to use (please chek wether it is available too!) and extract it to some directory by running it.

    • The cuda path you have to specify (not the install path!) is /usr/local/cudaXX were XX is the version and the architecture (e.g. -32 ).

    • Then enter the directory you extracted to and type make. It should compile, if it doesn't please look to /usr/local/cudaXX/bin/linux/release/. If you find executables in there and you can acutally run them, Then somewhere in your settings is a mistake. If you are trying to compile in 32bit mode, please contact us at hpc@rrze.uni-erlangen.de because then you would need further assistance.

  • Assuming compilation went well (went well = no errors; We neglect the warnings here), you should have runable SDK examples in /bin/release/linux/

  • Now your basic CUDA environment is set up and ready to go for your own codes.

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