Friday, March 23, 2012

KILE: Document Variables or Build wildcards

Document variables or Build wildcards of kile are not documented anywhere to my knowledge and I just found this POST which basically says the same!

So here is a quick overview copied from the site above:

The variables have the following meanings:
%source -> filename with suffix but without path <-> myBestBook.tex
%S -> filename without suffix but without path <-> myBestBook
%dir_base -> path of the source file without filename <-> /home/user/latex
%dir_target -> path of the target file without filename, same as %dir_base if 
no relative path has been set <-> /home/user/latex
%target -> target filename without path <-> without filename 

And these are special variables
%res <-> resolution of the quickpreview action set in configure 

%AFL <-> List of all files in a project marked for archiving. You can set the 
archive flag in the "Files and projects" sidebar using the context menu.

Currently, my KILE setup is not using the correct way to call okular to jump to the correct line viewed as tex source. The wildcard %target produces the following output:

Target.dvi#source:120 Source.tex

However, there should not be a space between 120 and Source. Without this space it is working well from command line.
However I lack the variables for linenumber and source document and so I stuck. Any Ideas for solving this particular problem?

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